Customer Rights

The Regulated Industries Commission, in the performance of its
functions, is legally bound to ensure that certain rights of the customer are
protected. Customers are therefore assured of the following rights:

Your Rights

  • The Right to services that are reliable and provided at the lowest
    possible cost.
  • The Right to products and services that are safe and will not cause
    personal harm or damage to property.
  • The Right to information about the product and/or service being obtained
    from Service Providers.
  • The Right to equal access to services.
  • The Right to Fair Treatment.
  • The Right to non-discrimination in relation to access, pricing and
    quality of service.
  • The Right to obtain redress from Service Providers in respect of rates,
    billing and unsatisfactory service.
  • The Regulated Industries Commission is mandated to ensure that Service
    Providers initiate Public Education Programs, which inform Consumers of
    their responsibilities regarding the products and services provided.

Your Responsibilities

  • To ensure that you understand the terms under which the service is being
  • That you utilize the services under the guidelines given by the
    respective service provider, to ensure your safety and that of those around
  • To ensure that the service is paid for when payments are due.
  • To keep records of bills and transaction pertaining to the Service
  • To report what you consider to be an unsafe product or unfair service.
  • To stay informed about any developments concerning the services which
    you utilize.